Home of the Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horse

Rancho Del Sueño

Rancho Del Sueño is the equine division of Heritage Discovery Center, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Colonial Spanish Mission Horse.  Our ranch is the only facility that is actively dedicated to the preservation of the Colonial Spanish Wilbur-Cruce Mission Horse.  We are home to the largest and most diverse gene pool for the breed that is currently in existence.

In 1989, an isolated herd of horses on the Wilbur-Cruce ranch in Arizona were discovered to be genetically pure descendants of the Spanish horses brought to the Americas in 1519.  For generations, the Wibur-Cruce family maintained the purity of this line.  These horses bear a striking resemblance to those depicted in the Baroque art following the Renaissance period and are more like the original horses of Spain than the breeds that exist in Iberia today.

Along with preserving the integrity of this breed, Rancho Del Sueño also focuses on developing and implementing various psychotherapy and experiential education programs which utilize the unique characteristics of the breed for facilitating interactive workshops that trigger psychological and spiritual healing as well as enhanced learning.  Because of their innate desire to be deeply connected with humans, these horses are highly suitable for this type of work and have had a profound impact on the lives of the people they have worked with.

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