Home of the Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horse

Rancho Del Sueño

Rancho Del Sueño is currently home to over 20 Spanish stallions.  We have the largest gene pool for the Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horse that is currently in existence.   Our stallions are carefully classically educated to be ambassadors for their breed.  These baroque type horses are highly athletic, extremely versatile, and exquisitely well-balanced by nature.  They possess a particularly remarkable character and a strikingly beautiful old world appearance.  They are the original horse of the Vaquero, highly suitable for both working and performance purposes.  

Our stallions are now available for breeding.  This breed is of great value in improving the genetics of current breeds so its continued conservation is extremely important.  For more  information contact us by phone at (559) 868-8681 or email us at hdc.ranchodelsueno@gmail.com.

The Stallions


Galindo is a 14.3 hand liver chestnut overo Wilber-Cruce Horse.  He is an extraordinarily graceful and naturally cadenced mover.  He is extremely well-behaved, well-balanced, and highly intelligent.  Galindo is tremendously versatile and shows limitless, multidisciplinary potential.


Diamoro is a striking 14 hand golden dappled buckskin Colonial Spanish Horse, sired by the famous Spanish stallion, Mustano.  He is a talented reining horse, very light on his feet, and is currently excelling at his continuing education in classical dressage.


Tequila is one of the last surviving foundation stallions from the original Wilbur-Cruce herd.  He is a 14.3 hand chestnut Wilbur-Cruce Horse sired by Ajo.  Tequila is a highly sensitive stallion whom bonds strongly with his human partners.


Cristo is a 14.1 hand black Colonial Spanish Horse.  He has a very full, old world body, much like that of the horse depicted in the baroque art of the Renaissance period.  Cristo has an outstanding disposition and is used regularly for promotional work.


Mando is a 15.2 hand chestnut overo Wilbur-Cruce Horse.  He is highly expressive and personable.  Mando has an extraordinary capacity for learning and extremely receptive to training.  


Jalon is a 14.2 hand liver chestnut Colonial Spanish Horse sired by foundation stallion, Chief Francisco.  Jalon is a talented reining horse and a reliable ranch partner. 


Lladro is a 15 hand chestnut roan overo medicine hat Wilbur-Cruce Horse.  He is a naturally well-balanced reining horse whom is currently being classically educated in bridleless cordeo work for participation in the equestrian performing arts. 


Lienzo is a 14.1 hand chestnut overo Wilbur-Cruce Horse.  He is a relatively quiet stallion, yet still possess tremendous athletic ability.  Lienzo is highly reliable and extremely suitable for both therapeutic and promotional work.


Goya is a 14.2 hand tri-colored overo classic medicine hat Wilbur-Cruce Horse.  He is an impressive stallion with a large, strong bone structure.  Goya is a naturally well-balanced and talented reining horse.


Macizo is a 15.1 hand liver chestnut Wilbur-Cruce Horse, sired by Wilbur-Cruce foundation stallion, Chief Francisco.  He is a gifted learner with excellent gaits.  Macizo has an outstanding disposition and is excelling in all facets of his education.


Mundano is 15.2 hand chestnut overo Wilbur-Cruce Horse.  He is has a particularly  curious and playful personality.  Mundano is showing a great love and affinity for liberty work and will continue to be educated to develop his talent for promotional purposes.


Cortes is a 14.3 hand bay Wilbur Cruce horse.  He is highly expressive,  energetic, and animated.  He is also an extraordinary gentleman with a warm, pleasant spirit.  Cortes is from a rara line and his genetics are extremely important to the survival of his breed.