Home of the Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Horse

Rancho Del Sueño

Performing Arts

Rancho Del Sueño's magnificent Spanish horses are educated for promotional purposes.  They are true performers and ambassadors for their breed and ancestors.  Our horses are available for documentaries, movies, photo shoots, historical reenactment, exhibitions, and presentations. We have a wide selection of vibrantly colorful and well-behaved animals.  


Participants in our workshops will develop an understanding of herd dynamics and learn how to step into a leadership role under the guidance of an experienced equine professional. They will learn the aspects of calm, precise communication through equine interaction and as a result will develop the skills necessary to effectively convey a given idea or emotion with clarity.


Equine assisted forms of therapy are having a profound impact on the well-being of participants all over the globe. Horses are becoming more known for having an affinity for eliciting emotional and spiritual healing in those of us suffering with varying psychological disorders and conditions  (EAP).